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About Ceramic in Morbi

Morbi is one of the three big clusters of Ceramics across the world.

The industrial area produces Wall tiles, Floor tiles, Vitrified tiles, Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Twin Charged Tiles, Multi - Colour Charged Tiles in various formats starting from 20X40 cm to 120X180 cm in a wide range of designs and colours. It also produces sanitary ware, industrial ceramics and technical ceramic products.

It consists of 610 units in total with investment of INR15 Cr. to INR150 Cr. In each unit. The cluster uses the latest technologies and equipments imported from all over the world.

It emerged as a zone for production of Ceramics in 1994. It has grown rapidly in the last 21 years with 30 units producing 5 millions square meters per annum in 1994 to 610 units producing approximately 1600 million square meter per annum now. 
It provides employment directly to 3.50 lac people in factories and 10100 others in auxiliary and related business & professions. 
90% of the total production of Ceramic Products in India is catered to, by Morbi alone.

In the last three years, exports have increased by 80%, 70% and 30% respectively.

In the last FY, 2015-16, the exports were registered at 30% which is commendable in the times of global recession. In the last FY, 2015-16, the Industrial growth was noted at 20% with a remarkable investment of INR 5000 Cr.

Morbi is the 2nd highest employment providing city after Surat in Gujarat State.

It is also the 2nd highest excise duty payer after Surat in the state.

Morbi has been entitled as 'TOWN OF EXPORT EXCELLENCE' (TEE) by the Commerce Ministry 01001. There are 3 TEEs in Gujarat, viz. Surat (Diamonds), Ahmedabad (Textiles) and Morbi (Ceramics). Morbi M also one of those six TEES in India whereinthe exportscross over INR 1000 Cr.