Vibrant Ceramics Expo & Summit

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Dear All,
We thank you for your unconditional support during Vibrant Ceramic Show I also cancel my flight and went for Morbi to visit about 8 factories and now coming back and will leave tomorrow morning to Mumbai.
Please confirm contact me if I can be of any help in future
- Ashok Sheth (

The fair was really interesting for us and we hope this helps us to increse business with India. All the organization was very good and we felt most welcome at everytime.
Susana Montagut, Commercial Manager (Sea & Air Department)


I want to express my personal congratulations to you and your colleagues for kind support of Romanian delegation and professional management of the event. It was really impresive what a team and an association can do!I hope to see soon effective actions between companies from India and Romania. For sure I’ll contact you next perriod for specific support on mutual interest business.
- Tiberiu Andrioaiei (


This is wonderful, by far the best service for a business show I have ever been to!
- Cengiz Elmaagacli (Sales & Marketing Director)


Also thanks again for your excellent assist.
All we were at show and we have meet with many companies owner. Cengiz have left yesterday and now I am in Ahmedabad airport also to go New Delhi but Li went Morbi to see and check factories productions.
I belive that we will start with big volumes one or two companies after Li report.
- Hasan Altundal (Senior Sourcing Specialist- Turkey)


We had a wonderful time and look forward to visiting again next year.
- Rajiv Sami (RNR Tile & Stone Ltd.)


We’d like to thank you for perfect organization during the fair. Hotel was fantastic and hospitality of Indian people is more that enough J
We made a lot of contacts and exchanged tons of bussines cards. We are going to analize all datas that we’ve gathered and I’m sure we’ll make next serious bussines step in the 2018.
- Azario Piotr Zatwardnicki, Customer Service Manager (Piotr Zatwardnicki)


I and my colleague Kelzang would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team members for the wonderful arrangements enabling us to take part in the Vibrant Ceramics Expo and Summit 2017.
Please do let us know if you all wish to visit Bhutan any time. We will be privileged to extend our gratitude in making your visit a fruitful one.
With regards to the Expo, it was really an Eye Opening one. We already tied up with some of the manufacturers and shall be following up with them soon. Further, we will be sharing our experiences with all relevant individuals, firms, companies and builders.
- Karma, Project Manager, Chief Engineer (JSW Law Project)


Trust that you are well and keeping good. It was a pleasure to visit India and have networks for our businesses here in Kenya. I wish to say a big Thank you to you and your team for making the brief stay
worthwhile. We have picked contacts and organizing soon on making business for some of the exhibitors present.
Please also note that we are open for more prospects here and in case you will be having such in the future, we'd always want to be part of it and seize the opportunities thereof.
- Shadrack Mutyota, Sales & Operations Director (Totos Corner Enterprises)


I would like to thank you for your successful organization and help with the visit of the Vibrant 2017. For me it was a good experience, and I hope that Enmon will start business with one of the factories in Gujarat. I hope that next year I will visit the fair and Morba and we will cooperate. I apologize for what I often called you about organization and transfers, but everything was great.
-  Branko Todorović, Pj Mladenovac (


We were at Show, it was great show and found what we were looking for tiles.
- Paresh Patel, Account & Finance (Club of Gujarati Pty Ltd)